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HADS is proud to provide a new service that will let you avoid the long wait times for testing at the DPS office. A new state law allows minors to take the driver’s license exam from a driver education instructor /examiner instead of going to the DPS office.

Why use HADS for road test?
HADS will set appointments, eliminating the typical 2-3 hour wait time at the DPS. How much is your time worth?

THE EXAMINEE WILL USE HADS VEHICLE. Our training vehicles are easy to drive and there will be no risk of waiting all that time and being sent home because of an inspection sticker, crack in the windshield, or even a simple blown out light bulb.

In addition, if the examinee makes a nervous mistake, like hitting the gas pedal in the parking lot thinking it was the brake our training vehicle has an extra brake on the examiner’s side to prevent a collision, potentially saving the parent thousands of dollars. A State Examiner can only grab the steering wheel; they would not attempt to prevent a parking lot collision unless a life was in danger, not loss of money alone.

After waiting in line at the DPS, IF IT STARTS TO RAIN, some DPS locations will not give the road tests. HADS will! HADS will set an appointment even if it is raining.

The DPS will only road test Monday thru Friday (They DO NOT test between 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM due to lunch breaks and they stop allowing road test applicants after 3:30PM). HADS will set road test appointments on Saturdays and Sundays, and even after work hours (whichever is more convenient for the parent and teen).

The student/examinee may take pre-test driving lessons with a licensed professional trainer. We will refresh their driving skills, DPS required driving skills, while allowing the new driver to become more comfortable with our staff and less likely to make nervous mistakes. (thus less likely to fail and cost you more time and money at the DPS waiting).

We Can Road Test Anyone! Even if we didn’t teach them!
Must be 16 and Have and Present a Valid Learner's Permit for 6 months.

Legal or Domiciliary Parent or Guardian MUST be Present (with Identification). They will need to sign for the Minor.

Must present Impact Texas Teen certificate of completion. To view the video and get this certificate please visit: https://impacttexasteendrivers.dps.texas.gov/ or click here.

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