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Class Covers

Basic rules and regulations

Specific proactive/defensive driving techniques

Student takes written state exam at end of class

Student can take driving lessons with a state certified instructor

Class Requirements

Must be 18 or older
Bring proof of identification

Driving Covers

Houston Area Driving Schools offers a varied schedule for each student. Weekend, morning and night driving lessons may be arranged. We pick up the adult student at their location and drop them off after each driving lesson. Click here for packages

Detailed Evaluation : insights from your instructor as to where more practice or more training. Again, we don't leave you out there without given you a "heads-up" \s to where your new driver may put you or themselves in danger.

Specific Lesson Objectives : our instructors do not “cruise” the road aimlessly. We fill each lesson with productivity, ensuring that each minute spent in the vehicle has purpose.

Vehicle Awareness : we teach that the driver is the pilot of the vehicle and it is the driver’s responsibility to know their vehicle. A safe driver knows their vehicle and knows what to do to keep from damaging their vehicle (ie. the significance of the oil light or the alternator light).

Intersection Awareness Skills : it’s not the stop sign or traffic light that causes a crash. Few drivers naturally look in the right places to prevent collisions at intersections, thus, over 50% of all crashes happen here.

Space Cushion Management : controlling space around your vehicle takes a pro-active driver and discipline. These skills DO NOT happen naturally.

Visual Scanning Skills : training a new driver to look “outside the lines” to find the dangers, then to separate and compromise.

Critical Skills : students get to “experience” anti-lock brakes and off-road recovery, significantly reducing their risks of panicking in a real-life crisis situation.

Driving Requirements

Must have valid learner’s permit
If international student must have:
Current Driver’s license from home country or valid international license

Driving Packages

One Hour of Driving Instruction: We charge $87.50 per hour for driving lessons and lessons are a minimum of 2 hour schedule time block.: Cost for a 2 hour driving lesson $175.00.

Executive Package : 10 hours of driving lessons for $800.00. This is (5) 2 hr driving lessons behind the wheel driving only.

Premium Driving Package : 12 hours This is (5) 2hr-10 hours of driving lessons and the last 2 hours using our car for the D.P.S. driving test, package price $1050.00.

DPS Test Prep: 2 hour intensive lesson that focuses on specific skills that the examiners look for and the correct technique for parallel parking, $180.00.

All driving test appointments at the Texas Department of Public Safety office are now scheduled in advanced by student whom wishes to take the driving test.
Contact HADS at 713-349-9888 or via email at houstonareadrive@yahoo.com to schedule your driving lessons.


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